Programming the Internet since the 1990s Wolfpack-manor, LLC.

Programming, Developing, and more... About Us, is a Hosting Community that was used for Eggdrops, Botnets, and IRCd + Services, in the late 1990s beginning of the 2000s as the decline of IRC began, it became a web-hosting company, a video streaming provider, a shoutcast provider, a DJ Playlist Provider(Basically a Website) and many other things. around 2010, it became a company dedicated to Game Design, and Development.As the Year 2015 Rolled by, the Company ventured into Mobile Application Development, Restful API Design, Virtual World Services & Virtual Reality Applications/Plugins for Game Engines such as Unreal Engine 4

Now the companies main focus is on Applications as well as Services in the fields of Streaming, Chat, and SaaS based Services revolving around Streaming & Chat.